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Introduction to
NLP and Coaching - Level 2

2 Day Programme

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Richmond Business School

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Is Level 2 for me?

Level 2 NLP and Coaching is for people who have completed my foundation Level 1 NLP and coaching course and who would like to go on to further develop their skills, experience and confidence as an NLP practitioner and coach. Whereas Level 1 covers the foundations of coaching, Level 2 starts to build upwards and expand on those foundations. Level 2 is also suitable for those who are already coaches and/or have experience with NLP but through lack of recent practice need to revisit and brush up on those skills.

As always I’m interested in you learning coaching skills, tools and principles that work, I’m interested in you learning things that bring you results, and quickly. The benefits of Level 2 NLP and coaching for you as a coaching student are that you will continue to learn directly from me in a small intimate group with other committed students.

Transformational Coaching Level 2.
Coaching questions ‘force’ clients to go inside to draw upon their own inner resources to find, and own, those previously ‘hidden’ solutions. Participants work in threes, coached, coach and observer, getting the opportunity to switch roles and learn about coaching from all three perspectives.

I will be observing you practicing, facilitating your learning and giving you feedback to make sure your growth as a coach is quick and efficient. Level one introduces the beginner coach to the basic transformational coaching principles, Level 2 will introduce you to some of the more advanced coaching techniques, still making sure that 80% of your time spent in the training room is spent practicing. Level 1 was about cycling with stabilsers! (You know those small wheels attached to the back wheels of a bike to help you to learn how to balance during those early stages!)

Parts Integration
I meet so many people whose procrastination, poor decision making, stress, depression, confusion, lack of focus, 'anti social' behaviour, unhappy relationships etc stems from a parts conflict. ...two minds are not always better than one! In Level 2 you will learn a process to help people feel more congruent!

Whereas in Level 1 you learnt the basics around building rapport, eliciting their goal and outcomes, gathering information and matching predicates, Level 2’s focus is more on the exploratory phase of coaching and the intervention phase, still using many of the cutting edge techniques of NLP to shift the clients ‘stuck’ perspective to introduce the client to new behaviours, beliefs and inner resources. Level 2 will also introduce you more to behavioural tasking, NLP Meta Model questioning (Gaining more specificity) and identifying and changing beliefs.

On the Level 2 Coaching course you will have the opportunity to further practice and build upon the skills you learnt in Level 1 whilst incorporating new skills and principles that will provide you with the experience to make sure you grow and develop confidently and effectively as a coach. If Level one is coaching with ‘stabilisers’ then Level 2 is beginning to coach with those stabilisers removed. As always I am there in the room, observing, facilitating and giving you direct feedback to ensure your accelerated growth towards becoming an effective coach.

Gaining clarity has power and magic in it.
In a coaching session, with some clients it can take anything up to two hours to find out what a client wants, but this will pay dividends in the end.

I’m committed to your development as a coach and NLP practitioner whether you will be using your new skills in the workplace, to explore and develop a new career as a coach or simply for your own personal interest and development and the development of others. Remember the real goal is always to become the person we need to become to reach our goal, the journey is the destination and I’m looking forward to being a part of your journey helping you to effectively grow and develop your skills and experiences as a coach.

Here are some of the tools we will be practicing and learning over the two days:

  • NLP Meta Model Questioning
  • Behavioural tasking
  • NLP Anchoring
  • Associated and disassociated
  • Continued Coaching practice in small groups
  • Feedback and revision
  • What's next?

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