Coaching Pack
Coaching cards pack.

The Coaching Cards
Resource Pack

“A very effective & easy to use resource! The coaching cards resource pack helped me to quickly grasp what coaching is and the pack guided me in asking the client useful coaching questions.”

Wilson Magimay - Learning & Development Officer

Pack contains

  • 96 Coaching Cards
  • 16 Prompt Cards
  • A Quick Start Guide
  • A3 Coaching Worksheet

What clients are saying about the Coaching Cards Resource Pack:

I attended Mark’s coaching trainings In London and found coaching an amazing process to experience, efficient, direct, very client focused and results orientated. I went on to attend Mark’s Introduction to NLP & coaching courses and trained in coaching skills using Mark’s coaching system. I now use the cards and the worksheet with some of my clients who would benefit from additional work beyond psychotherapy, assisting them to explore what they want in their lives and encouraging them to take the steps necessary to get there.

Marilza da Silva ~ Psychotherapist

I have attended Mark’s NLP & coaching trainings, Level 1 & Level 2 and I used the coaching cards & coaching worksheet to help me focus & gain confidence quickly as a coach. I was an absolute beginner to coaching so I found the resources a great guide to help me ask the client the right type of coaching questions. I recommend the coaching cards, prompt cards & the coaching worksheet, they are a great support & helped guide me in my learning whilst I was training to become a coach.

Maria Leopold ~ Life Coach

What is the Coaching Cards Resource Pack?

The coaching cards resource pack is designed to give you support and provide you with a systematic and reliable structure to follow. The resource pack will build your confidence quickly and assist you in asking the client coaching questions and gathering the right information as opposed to either giving advice or just feeling stuck not knowing what to do next. The coaching cards and coaching worksheet are very easy to use and are a great coaching resource to bring you results and to keep you on course as a beginner coach.

Coaching cards in use at session.
Students on the Phoenix Transformations, Level 1, 2 day ~ Introduction to NLP & coaching course using the coaching resource pack to practice & ‘drill’ the basics skills & principles of what it is to be an effective coach.

The Coaching Cards Resource Pack is £37.95 plus £6.45 postage & packing.

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