What is the Coaching Cards
Resource Pack?

The coaching cards resource pack is designed to give you support and provide you with a systematic and reliable structure to follow. The resource pack will build your confidence quickly and assist you in asking the client coaching questions and gathering the right information as opposed to either giving advice or just feeling stuck not knowing what to do next. The coaching cards and coaching worksheet are very easy to use and are a great cooaching resource to bring you results and to keep you on course as beginner coach.

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What is Coaching?

Ever wondered exactly what coaching is? This broad definition sums up coaching nicely: "Coaching is meeting a client where they are, guiding them to get clear on what they want and assisting them to bridge that gap." This video will give you a short explanation of what coaching is, how to coach and what the benefits of coaching are.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, not the greatest name to describe what is actually a set of exciting and simple tools and techniques that can be applied quickly to get quick lasting results! Most of the great self development Gurus have trained in NLP including Paul McKenna and Anthony Robbins. NLP and coaching are a good mix to help clients get clear on what they want and to start taking the actions necessary to reach their goals.

What is the Meta Mirror?

Get the Meta Mirror Script: Get the Meta Mirror Script

The Meta Mirror, (also known as perceptual positions) is a simple technique that can be applied very quickly to help us gain new more empowering perspectives on difficult relationship in the past, present or future. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change! This tool helps us to see situations differently from a more empowering perspective.

What is Anchoring?

Every wanted to know how to take charge of your state at will? To be able to move, for example from a state of stress into a state of relaxation, or from anxiety to confidence, instantaneously? Anchoring is used to do just this, it's a simple tool that you can easily learn and start putting into practice straight away. Its also a great tool to teach clients in a coaching session.

What is the Coaching Cards Resource Pack?

The Coaching Cards Resource Pack is a set of 96 coaching cards, 12 prompt cards and an A3 coaching worksheet which includes a step by step guide on how to use the coaching pack. The pack is designed to support the beginner coach providing you with a reliable structure and proven system so you can learn confidently and quickly as a coach. The pack helps you to drill the basics of being an effective coach ensuring you build a good foundation getting it all right from the start.

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