Coaching Courses

Introduction to
NLP and Coaching - Level 1

2 Day Programme

Sat 21 & Sat 28 Nov 2015 10.30am - 4.30pm Register and Pay with Eventbrite

Sat 16 & Sat 23 Jan 2016 10.30am - 4.30pm Register and Pay with Eventbrite

Richmond Business School

£209 per person

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Is Level 1 for me?

Level 1 Introduction to Transformational Coaching is a 2 day programme for people who have little to no experience of coaching, Level 1 is also suitable for those who have some experience of coaching, but through lack of recent practice, need to refresh and build on those skills. (For other coaching Levels see What’s Next below.)

NLP & Coaching Level 1.
Students learning to coach in groups of three using the Coaching Cards Resource Pack. The coach, the coached and the observer.

What can I expect from Level 1?

What you can expect whilst on this 2 day programme is to learn and ‘drill’, through practice, a solid set of coaching skills and principles that will enable you to build a solid foundation as a coach to start coaching others. You will also learn an Introductory module ‘NLP for coaches’ giving you additional cutting edge NLP* coaching skills to ensure your efficency and success as a coach. You will receive a Certificate on successful completion of this course.

*Neuro Lingusitic Programming

Transformational coaching.
The Coaching Cards Resource Pack contains 96 coaching questions. There are two main purposes to asking coaching questions in a coaching session 1) the purpose of gathering information and 2) asking questions for the purpose of guiding the client to explore their resources and gain new perspectives.

What is the Phoenix Coaching Pack?

The Coaching Cards Resource Pack has been designed specially for beginners in mind, designed to take them step by step through the stages of becoming a successful coach. The pack includes 6 sets of coaching cards, one set of prompt cards, a coaching worksheet and a step by step booklet guiding you smoothly through the stages of how to coach. The Coaching Pack is ideal for learning to coach in groups, coaching clients one to one and also designed for self coaching!

Phoenix Coaching Pack.
One of the mistakes a lot of coaches make is going into detail far too quickly in the initial stages of a coaching session rather than seeing the first session/s as an 'information gathering' session to gather the clients bigger picture.
Transformational coaching cards.
The coaching worksheet is A3 in size and provides you with a really efficient way to gather information from the client and to write it down. When you can see the clients bigger picture (on one sheet) it becomes easier to recognise patterns and for you to decide what direction to go in next with the client.

What’s next?

When you have completed and passed Level 1 you can then go on to do Level 2 which is as Intermediate Level and suitable for those who have completed Level 1 or for those who have some experience of NLP or coaching and want to refresh and build on their existing skills as a coach.

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